How to Get Your Perfect Prospects Chasing YOU!

It seemed so easy at first…

Do you ever feel like your coaching business is becoming a grind? You’ve got just enough clients, and you’re doing ok, but it’s not as fun as it used to be – when you started, you were all big ideas and boundless energy, but it seems like your first clients are becoming your only clients, and the old way isn’t working anymore.

But there’s nothing wrong with you!

It happens to everyone – all new coaches reach a plateau. When you got started, you were spending your own time, hustling for contacts, with lots of high-touch conversations, talking to every prospect you could get a hold of.

But your time doesn’t scale – the reason you feel like your business isn’t growing…is because it’s not! There are only so many hours in the day, and yours are accounted for. You can’t get any more, and if keep prospecting the way you have been, you can’t get any more clients either.

Client Attraction is Just a Skill

Client attraction is just a skill. There’s a proven, repeatable process that’s worked for multiple industries, different personalities, for decades and decades, that YOU can you to attract clients to your business.

Sure, the technology has changed, and the mediums are more modern, but what’s worked for them has worked for me, and I’m certain it’ll work for you too.

Some people are born with it, but the rest of us have to learn!

We all know that gal – the one who just oozes personality and confidence, and people seem to be banging a path to her door. The girls want to be her, and the guys want to…well, most of the guys want to be her too!

I’m sure that’s nice, but it’s NOT necessary to build an incredibly successful coaching business. I sure didn’t have it, and if you’ve read this far, I’m sure you don’t either.


I Can Help You Get Over That Hump

I’ve done pretty well for myself, and attraction didn’t come easily to me either. But I found out the most effective actions that I could take to bring my best self out of my shell and draw my perfect prospects to me.

It wasn’t easy at first, but it is SIMPLE…

And I can help you put it into action in your own business.

Here’s What I Had in Mind – (this is what worked for me!)

If you feel like you’re still coasting along at the same level you started at, that’s a sure sign that you’ve reached your capacity for this stage of your coaching career and it’s time to invest in some new tools.

If you’re ready to put the programs in place that will bring almost effortless abundance to your coaching practice.

“Raised my rates by 50%!”

Deb Dittner Before working with Cheryl I was kind of at a loss as to where my website really was. All the pages were complete but the site was having difficulty going live. My computer skills have continuously been improving but still I felt stuck in moving
it forward as I really wasn’t sure where to go, who to ask for help. Now I am only a short time away from reality and I can actually taste the excitement! I have learned numerous computer skills with wordpress, AWeber, social media, and can pretty much hyperlink anything. I know I still have more steps to take before I can actually do it all myself without having to be walked through a procedure, but I am getting closer. Cheryl has the patience of a saint! Raised my rates by 50%, attracted 2 new clients in a week, learned many new skills especially on the computer. Have a couple workshops in the making along with a couple retreats. I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe (as does Cheryl) and to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Deb Dittner

“I am making quite a bit more money!”

Deb DittnerBefore I started Training with Cheryl Heppard I didn’t have any idea how powerful social media and networking could be.

Cheryl taught me to write interesting newsletters and how to write an effective message to send out through social media. She has helped me, with creating a professional and inviting image on social media to attract new clients.

As a result to my professional changes I have raised my prices, attracted new clients through social media, and I am making quite a bit more money as a result. She has gone beyond to help me by contacting local media and DBusiness is running an article in the November/December issue on how social networking has expanded my business!

I know Cheryl Heppard is in the highest tier of business coaches. She invested in a lot of training from the top people in various areas of business development, including social networking, and continues to learn all that she can. She has absorbed and retained information from experts in various areas and puts that knowledge together to offer a more comprehensive approach.

To build your business and create greater success! You can’t do better than to work with Cheryl! Shala Kilmer

  • Module One:Client Strategy and Preparation
  • Module Two:Setting Up Your Systems
  • Module Three:Getting Clients While You Sleep
  • Module Four:Follow Up and Retention – The Forgotten Factor

“Making $2000 in one day!”

Crystal Reinwald I was struggling with getting my business started prior to my VIP day with Cheryl. I was coming from a place of fear and not of service. I absolutely love what I do and I don’t know if I would be in this place already if it wasn’t for my VIP day. I went from having a fear of taking a clients money to making $2000 in one day. The follow up calls keep me accountable and allow me to share any questions or experiences with Cheryl. She really does care about me and my business. I learned in one day with Cheryl what it would have taken me months to learn with other coaches. I never thought that when we started our day that we would accomplish everything on my list but we did it all and much much more. After attending a health conference with hundreds of health coaches, I shocked them with my confidence in my pricing and in how much I knew after just starting my business. The bottom line is this, if you want to get stuff done now, INVEST IN YOURSELF!!! Crystal Reinwald

This was the most worth while investment I have made!

Crystal Reinwald When I signed up to take Cheryl Heppard’s course I wanted to learn how to go about attracting more clients and create an easy step-by-step process that I could follow to create a much needed base structure for myself in this area. I learned how to use social media as a good marketing tool as blogging is a good strategy for my personality type. I also learned that it is very important to listen to your clients needs so that I can provide them with a more valuable service and how this should always be on my mind so that I can attract more ideal clients. This was the most worth while investment I have made! Tameka Anderson

2015 Income Acceleration Strategy call with Cheryl Heppard

VALUE: $497

Complete Audio Recordings of the Entire Telecourse

VALUE: $497

Downloadable Transcripts of Each Call

VALUE: $67

Bonus Q&A Call with Cheryl Heppard

VALUE: $197

That’s Over $850 in FREE bonuses!

“Excellent ideas of ways to grow my business.”

Yasmin Binns Before working with Cheryl I was struggling to figure out how to market what I do. Cheryl has helped me to sort through my strengths and package my offer in a way that is not only attractive but less time consuming. I was able to create an effective marketing plan to attract more clients. I recently booked a client for a $2500 program! Cheryl is well worth it! You will get to establish a strong foundation for your business, one you can grow on! Yasmin Binns


Going Beyond the Basics of Client Attraction

But here’s the real “secret sauce” of the client attraction process: the tactics usually reserved for quiet conversations at expensive conferences. Learn these now, from the best of the best, and you won’t have to worry about whether your new clients will stick around.

We’ll cover:

  • How to give yourself a fresh start and command the prices you’re really worth
  • Four essential steps to help you target higher-income or higher-level clients
  • The unique challenges of dealing with wealthy clients — and how to turn them into lucrative opportunities
  • How to develop a hawk’s eye for “red flag” behavior to help you spot problem clients in ten minutes or less

And going beyond that…

  • Seven strategies to invest in now that will always ensure you never have to work for the sale
  • The 80/20 guide to following up with prospects and keeping happy clients paying you month after month (or even years!)
  • How to streamline your online tracking, and the simple trick to making sense of your ROI
  • How to make sure your potential new clients “buy” — without having to “make the sale”
  • The TWO magic phrases to get clients to close themselves (so you don’t have to “sell” and risk pushing them away!)

“Now I have a plan!”

Karen Russell Before working with Cheryl, I wasn’t sure how to take my business to the next level. Now I have a plan and ideas of what to do next and things to implement that will propel me forward! It was a lot of information that I needed to guide me in the right direction and Cheryl is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of guidance. Thanks Cheryl! Karen Russell, Certified Health Coach

Who should take advantage of this opportunity?

If you’ve already got high-powered clients and you’re making over six figures, this course is probably not for you.

But if you’re past the first hurdles of setting up a business – maybe you have even one or two steady clients – and you’re feeling “stuck” or intimidated about moving to the next level, this is the class for you.

I’m going to teach you how to accentuate the very best parts of yourself, to make your services irresistible to the right kind of client.

I’m going to show you how I use automated marketing systems to can and clone my most passionate pitches.

I’m going to prove to you (once and for all) that passive income is possible, with the most basic amount of technical knowledge.

And I’m going to give you the secret you need to escape the freelance vortex and get your perfect prospects beating a path to your door.

“Honest commitment to my success as a health coach.”

Sandra Everett Before connecting with Cheryl, I was floundering with which direction to take my business. I was feeling very stuck. Working with her opened up my mind and eyes. She is such an insightful and creative person, and at the time, I thought I really lacked. Cheryl helped me to hone in on my new 90 day program and set up my own VIP day with clients. By the end of the day with her, my mind was going in circles, but not from overwhelm, it was full of ideas. I had an event coming up three days later and this gave me a surge to make some slight changes and as a result I was putting potential clients on my calendar, created a class that’s already filling up and will be sold out weeks before it takes place and plans to create an awesome product. I appreciate Cheryl for who she is and her honest commitment to my success as a health coach. Thanks Cheryl! Sandra Everett


If all this sounds like it’s right for you…it is.

Trust your gut.

The biggest challenge young coaches face is getting stuck in the early stages, and the crippling self-doubt that brings.

You know whether this sounds like you, and you know that I escaped it to build a coaching business that’s rapidly approaching a seven-figure run rate.

So if you really want to make a go of this business and find financial freedom for yourself and your family, why wouldn’t you pay a few pennies on the dollar to let an experienced show you the way?

Why wouldn’t you want to know the steps I took to break out of that freelance vortex and let my business take off?

Why wouldn’t you buy the blueprint that other coaches have struggled to build, instead of going through all of that suffering yourself?

“In one month, my newsletter subscriptions doubled, and my Facebook ‘Likes’ have tripled.”

Lynn Johnson Working with both Cheryl Heppard and Rachel is a supreme joy. They didn’t just help me create a website; they helped me create a presence. In one month, my newsletter subscriptions doubled, and my Facebook ‘Likes’ have tripled. I have more clients now than I did in the last two years. Cheryl has had me look at the parameters of my business in new ways. I started the path thinking my business would just be a nice thing I did. Now I know that my business is a GREAT thing I am doing, and that it will grow into a thing of beauty. I look at my business – and myself – in a whole new way. Through working with Cheryl, I am now able to reach and help more people. I look forward to continued growth by working with Cheryl in the future. Lynn Johnson

When You Check This Out

You Are Automatically Backed By
A Money-Back Guarantee

I don’t want you to ever worry about purchasing a product from me. Certainly, I take care to deliver the best information and put it into an easy-to-follow system — but I want you know this…

Order this course today, and if after the 2nd training you are convinced that this program isn’t a good fit, then call our office at 248-592-0869, Refunds will not be handled through email, you must call the office within 7 days.



“Worth every penny spent!”

Jill Haas Finding one word to express my excitement after working with Cheryl was difficult. Most words seemed to understate my experience, but Funtabulous sums it! It was great fun learning that I had not tapped into my potential,fantastic planning my next moves for thrusting my business into high gear and fabulous results are SURE to follow! It feels as though we are business partners striving for the same outcomes. Together we pulled more things together for the future of my business than I even expected. I knew Cheryl was great, as evidenced by her own achievements, but it was validated 100 fold during my session. It was worth every penny spent. Our next move is getting my website up & running which will ensure a constant flow of prosperity & abundance! Thank you Cheryl for everything, you’re the BEST! Jill Haas

I don’t really know, because I think this course will be the difference-maker that gets you over that hump and turns your “small business” into a finely tuned machine that will help you leave your job, help your family, and start ticking some of the pricier items off your bucket list.

This is what worked for me.

I’m confident it will work for you too, but if it doesn’t, it’s covered under the same money-back guarantee I offer on all of my work.

There’s no risk.


If you think this might help you, go for it.

If you follow the steps I’ve outlined, you’ll look back and laugh at the anxiety you feel right now, and I’ll tip my glass of Chardonnay to your success and laugh right along with you.



“Invaluable support!”

Christie Korth I want to let others know just how much I appreciated your insight and invaluable support during our time together! The marketing plan we created together is definitely going to add thousands of dollars to my income very quickly. It was worth every penny and more to learn how to structure my marketing plan, packages and programs. If any of you are sitting on the fence wondering if you really need to have a business coach, let me be the one to tell you…you do. Do it! Get off the fence and take a step! That first step is always the hardest. Joyce Harrell

I’m very excited to start helping you break through these barriers in your business.

Look forward to seeing you inside! PS: I can’t read your mind through the internet to find out what you’re charging your clients, but if you’re like most of the people I work with, the cost of this course is a fraction of the value that even one client would bring to your business.

Heck, this course costs less than some of my students charge for one phone call.

Don’t you think the method I’ve outlined above could bring you at least ONE new client?

For most of you, that alone would be a 200-500% return.

Which is to say, if I offered you $5 dollars tomorrow for $1 dollar today, with a money-back guarantee, would you take it?

If you KNOW that client attraction can bring you at least ONE new client, then you’d be crazy not to sign up.

Just my two cents.

“I can’t say enough about her skills and quality of work.”

Tracy Gardner Before I started working with Cheryl I was overwhelmed with still being in school at IIN and trying to figure out how to grow my business. I have been a business coach/marketing coach and business owner but even coaches need coaches. The first time I spoke with Cheryl I knew she was it! I was looking for a strategy partner and business coach. I have not experienced anything like Cheryl before and I instantly loved working with her. She has such great energy and really knows what she is doing. She keeps me on my toes and very accountable. When I need Cheryl she is just an email away and she is so good at getting back with her clients. I had the opportunity to meet Cheryl in person and she is one of the neatest women I have met and I just adore this woman. I feel I honestly have a business partner when I work with Cheryl. She really is there for you, supporting you and she wants you to succeed! She is worth every penny to me and I can’t say enough about her skills and quality of work. Cheryl will be the best investment you will make- trust me! Tracy Gardner

I now have a well-defined strategy for my business

Cheryl was great in mentoring me on how to increase the amount of people on my distribution list and ensure the quantity of followers remained high. She also enhanced my marketing efforts and implementing steps that will receive a stronger ROI. Since I have completed the program, I have gained an immense amount of new strategies that will help me. My confidence level when speaking to my clients has improved when I am selling my clients products and services that they will truly love. Because of Cheryl Heppard I now have a forward thinking direction and a well-defined strategy for my business. Sharon Johnson of